Biography and Essay Collection

The section contains several hundred biographies of Métis from both Canada and the United States.  This work has largely been completed by the late Lawrence J. Barkwell, Métis Historical Research Coordinator of the Louis Riel Institute.  This section also contains many essays and short articles relating to various aspects of Métis history.  Finally, this section includes several academic theses, including those by Ina Arens, Allen Ronaghan, Jack Elliott, Paget Code, and Leah Marie Dorion.

Please note that some of these documents may be dated or may contain some inaccurate information. However, they are on this website to promote interest in Métis history and culture. Since many of them were written years ago, they are in fact historical documents themselves.  If you have any questions or concerns about any of the content in this section, please direct them to Maarsii.